Born out of the post-crisis beers and congratulations while working with multiple large clients, Red Alert Social Media is not your traditional social media agency. I focus entirely on preparing for and actively handling crisis situations for individuals and companies. You won’t find me or this company doing content schedules and traditional brand voice exercises. I’m preparing for the worst, hoping for the best but are more than ready to work to make the worst situations become positive transition points for my clients.

Kade Dworkin, Founder & Chief Crisis Officer

When I’m not anxiously watching Aston Villa of the English Premier League I am analyzing social media trends, researching client strategy or voraciously reading the thoughts of social media industry leaders. I can’t appropriately handle a crisis on a platform I don’t know.

In 2004 I knew that the internet was going to be where I was going to make my living. At the age of 19, I decided to join GoDaddy while still a senior in college. After more than four years of service, I decided it was time move into social media full force. It was clear that it was going to be the next big marketing arena. Since making that move I have worked with nine $100M+ companies including five different $1B+ companies. While working with these companies I have successfully handled social media policy and procedure, set up overarching social media strategy and handled tactical community management in addition to a plethora of crisis events ranging from executive misconduct, product discontinuation rumors, compromised facilities and large scale television retransmission agreements.

I decided in early 2012 to launch Red Alert Social Media to help folks avoid crisis situations and assist those who find themselves in a social media predicament because I have yet to see any other agencies who focus solely on social media crisis prevention, preparation and management.