Do you even have the tools to handle a crisis?

As I continue to work on a training course, one of the items that has come up a couple of times that I do not think that most people will think to include in their planning for a social media crisis is whether or not they have the tools to handle an issue... Read More

Your Past May Be Your Future

One of my favorite things to do when working with either a new or potential client is to challenge them to think of the last 3 crisis events that struck their business operations. Most people can easily name one or two but that third one for most people t... Read More

When Connected Third Parties Make Things Unbearable

In an attempt to avoid interrupting my father's Sunday afternoon with our weekly call, I kept an eye on the score of the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys NFL game (the Eagles are the team he supports).  While doing a handful of other things it came... Read More

Crisis Response Is Not As You Might Think

This past week I had the chance to speak with a serial entrepreneur who has recently added another business to their already hectic schedule. In the course of our conversation we inevitably pointed the conversation to talking about how to handle thing whe... Read More

Face it: Social Media Crises Happen. Are you ready?

I see it almost every day somewhere on the internet.  A brand, be it a personal brand or a company, faces some kind of crisis that it’s clearly obvious that they have no plan in place for and no chance of surviving with their reputation 100% in tact... Read More