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If your company does not have a crisis management plan in place your company is at significant risk of being caught off-guard when the next crisis comes along and effects your organization.

We can fix that in 2 day intensive session where we will create plans to handle:

  • Exective Issues
  • Non-exective Employee Issues
  • Governmental Issues
  • Service Failure
  • Product Failure
  • Marketing Missteps
  • Compromised Facility
  • Compromised Data
  • Company Decisions
  • Others (Suicide threat, Racially insensitive comments, Environmental Activists)

In order to faciliate and get the best results for your organization, we will fly a representative to your location to work with you and your team. We are more than happy to tailor our consulting programs to fit every member of your team that needs to be in this high level strategy creation session.

Here at Red Alert Social Media, we are well aware that blocking two days off for executives and the relevant stakeholders is a non-trivial investment. You can see this as an extravagant act but when comparing that to cleaning up the mess and spending thousands of dollars on media after a negative event we think you will see an immediate return on the investment when your next crisis happens.

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