As a courtesy to our website visitors we are happy to share with you two presesntations that
our founder and Chief Crisis Officer, Kade Dworkin, has done in the recent past. Enjoy!

Public Relations Society of America: Houston PR Day 2012

On October 31st, 2012 Kade traveled to Houston, Texas as a keynote speaker for the PR Day 2012 event hosted by the Public Relations Society of America. His talk was in demand to the point that the fire marshall had to force the doors to close due to ordinance compliance. As a result he was asked to give the presentation a second time for those who could not get in. Below is the video from the first presentation of the day.

University of California, Los Angeles

Last summer, Kade was invited by Dr. Beverly Macy to come as a guest speaker to her UCLA Extension class focusing on social media. Kade decided to challenge himself in this presentation and present using an automatically changing slide system. 120 slides at 15 seconds per slide means that this is an incredibly fast paced and informative 30 minute session covering both social media best practices and crisis management.